The team

Complementary backgrounds for an interchangeable and effective response to investee companies needs

Founding Partner and Managing Director

Founding Partner and Managing Director

Founding Partner




Investment Manager

Co-Managing Director Small Cap Fund

Co-Managing Director Small Cap Fund

Senior Investment Manager

Conducting officer

Xenon AIFM origination approach is mainly performed thanks to the cooperation with the affiliate Investment & Advisory S.A., that can count on 4 professionals with more than thirty years’ experience in the corporate advisory field.

Giovanni Munacò


Susanna Ciapponi

Accounting & Reporting

Anne-Marie Pratiffi


Erika Conti


A communication that is not an end in itself

We do not consider our fellow entrepreneurs’ company a target, a trophy to be inserted in our track-record table.
We do not look for a press coverage of our activity and we are just concerned that the news of a transaction are correctly perceived as a positive one by the employees, the customers and all the other stakeholders.

Our team completed more than 140 investments so far (including add-ons to portfolio companies), nurturing the longest learning curve in the Italian market.