Responsible investing

We do not engage in a belated greenwashing, we always believed that paying attention to environmental protection, work-place safety and human resources was essential

Constant monitoring

All our portfolio companies are involved in the collection of sustainability KPIs 

Not a mere cosmetic due diligence

All new investments go through a specific ESG due diligence

On-going training

All our investment professionals are trained on ESG matters

Precise investment restrictions

We do not invest in companies that:
1) violate trade union rights
2) do not fully comply with environmental protection rules
3) exploit forced labour
4) produce weapons or ammunitions
5) engage themselves in activities linked to adult entertainment, tobacco, gambling or human cloning

PRI as actual goal

Xenon is not just a signatory of PRI but pursues on a daily basis their implementation

How to enhance the results

In close proximity to exit Xenon, together with external advisors, prepares a thorough report to demonstrate the ESG achievements of the relevant portfolio company