How we work

We share the view that investee company interests come first: we place the company at the centre of our actions, not our roles and goals as asset managers.

The tradition and culture of our portfolio companies are fully respected and preserved and the strategic vision and goals are always shared, in advance, with both incumbent entrepreneurs and management.
The possibility to rely on the investee company local resources is essential for us, the involvement of all stakeholders is pursued to ensure the full support from employees.

We firmly believe that the following are key factors leading to success in an investment project:


focus on industrial matters


fast decision making


unpretentious but rationale approach to improving existing practices thanks to a transformation project to be shared in advance with the entrepreneur


recurrent exploitation of the large learning curve accrued with reference to similar issues solved in the past

We have a long-term horizon in our decision-making process, up to ten years ideally, with all the limits and benefits of such an approach, because we think that development projects have to survive our exit and ensure further growth for future owners.

We do not advertise our investments.
We prefer to work behind the scenes and to keep the entrepreneur centre stage.