We give always a quick and precise feedback

Generally, our investment opportunities are sourced pro-actively, often due to the necessity to face market challenges, to achieve the replacement of certain shareholders or to prepare for an orderly succession in the medium term.
This activity avails itself of the 200 plus network of professional advisers who collaborated with us in the past, exploiting their own skills and entrances, to structure deals based on a clear role distinction and a true sharing of goals

Search for opportunities

Our in-house origination approach is mainly performed thanks to the exclusive cooperation with Investment & Advisory in a differentiated way. Firstly, by actively pursuing current opportunities and secondly nurturing a pool of “embryonic” deals to maturity through a step-by-step relationship building exercise which involves the entrepreneur and some key managers.

These efforts are reflected in the high number of proprietary deals executed and in the minimal number of deals abandoned after due diligence.

We work very willingly with advisors who constantly follow entrepreneurs and their companies in the day by day management.

We normally keep these advisors after the deal so to exploit their historical knowledge of the investee company affairs and the credibility they were able to earn within the organization
We are less likely to participate to auctions because only a significant amount of time spent together makes the entrepreneur confident about the success of a future collaboration and allows us to prepare and share with him a well-defined “change” project as a guideline for future growth.