Our values

Our investment policy aims at promoting a sustainable growth in the investee companies

Not because it has become a fashionable concept but because we consider this feature a positive contributor to value creation and a critical issue on exit.

We believe in the following core principles:

Our firm’s assets are our people, our investor franchise and our reputation. If any of these is ever diminished, the last is the most difficult to restore.


Success is measured by the tangible and sustainable long-term improvement in the competitive position of our portfolio companies, which shall transform into more resilient competitors. The return to our investors is our first priority, followed by the interests of the firm, and then ourselves.


Teamwork and open collaboration is the core of our modus operandi. We believe that the team has greater impact than the sum of the impact of the individuals.


We nurture a winning culture with a strong entrepreneurial team spirit and with individuals characterized by drive, creativity, dedication, and common goals. Like the business leaders with whom we partner, we are not afraid of taking calculated risks.


We always face up to the sheer facts and tell the truth as we see it, with direct communication, within our firm, in our portfolio companies and to our investors.


Above all we believe that there is no substitute for toughness and tenacity in the execution of our investment projects in order to achieve their goals.

True engagements, not facade declarations

We constantly implement the following policies in our investment decisions, being convinced that they display a positive impact on expected returns:

We ensure that our portfolio companies maintain in a proactive way the compliance with relevant laws and regulations, so to improve their competitive capacity

We prevent any form of corruption so to safeguard the reputation of investee companies, putting in place all the procedures set out in Italian Law 231/2007

We make sure that our investee companies adopt the UN conventions, as ratified by Italy, on human rights and labour

We do not invest in companies engaged in the production of offensive weapons, tobacco, oil and gas exploration,

We do not tolerate any form of discrimination and respect the right of portfolio company employees to freely unionize, accepting to deal with them at a collective level

We carefully consider the environmental footprint and the consequent risks before investing in a company, a key element for any future possible investor

Ensure that our investee companies monitor that their key suppliers apply these same policies.