Who we are

Co-owners focused on operations
not plain financial investors

Xenon Private Equity is an Alternative Investment Fund Manager authorized by the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier in Luxembourg following the European Directive 2011/61.

The Xenon Private Equity team has accumulated three decades of experience in teaming up with family owned companies looking for operational support to manage transformation projects to spur growth, mainly via m&a, replace some shareholders or exploit transition opportunities.

We differentiate from plain financial investors because of a full commitment to act as co-owners and consider ourselves personally accountable for the steering of investee company operations.

Like the business leaders with whom we partner, we have a passion for entrepreneurship. We take calculated risks and work for the best interests of the investee company and our investors, not the individuals.

We are proud of our capacity to avoid common places, to promote alternative points of view and to really work with a team spirit.

The team

The team comprises professionals with mainly industrial and operational backgrounds, who accrued their previous experience as equity investor only in connection with small to medium size companies. This diversity ensures a rich mix of ideas and skills that can be applied to each potential deal opportunity or value creation project.

We offer to our business partners a clear value proposition: the potential to transform their companies into more competitive, international and profitable entities during our period of co-ownership.

We believe that a successful partnership with a private equity investor is mainly linked to mutual trust, to the capacity of actually implementing a shared strategy and to a long-term managerial approach.

Our values

Our investment policy points to promote a sustainable growth in the investee companies not because it has become a fashionable concept but because we consider this feature a positive contributor to value creation and a critical issue on exit.

How we work

We share the view that investee company interests come first: we place the company at the centre of our actions, not our roles and goals as asset managers.

Corporate governance

The AIFM manages each Fund in the interest of respective investors and therefore in a totally independent and autonomous way from other group companies.