We put companies at the centre of our actions


Generally, our investment opportunities are sourced pro-actively, often due to the necessity to face market challenges, to achieve the replacement of certain shareholders or to prepare for an orderly succession in the medium term.

3 investment lines

Flagship Fund
We acquire majority or qualified minority stakes in industrial or service companies, generally with Ebitda higher than € 5 million, investing up to € 45 million

Small Cap
We support companies with Ebitda generally lower than € 3 million, mainly provider of innovative B2B services thanks to proprietary technological platforms, investing up to € 10 million

We support companies engaged in energy transition and circular economy activities following an impact investment approach according to art 9 SFDR

All our funds are PIR compliant.

Key Figures

Experienced investors

>0 years

of private equity investments

> 180 direct investments and add-ons of which:

Leveraged buy-out
Capital goods
Industrial components
B2B Services
Consumer goods

Co-owners focused on operations
not plain financial investors

We differentiate from plain financial investors because of a full commitment to act as co-owners and consider ourselves personally accountable for the steering of investee company operations. Like the business leaders with whom we partner, we have a passion for entrepreneurship. We take calculated risks and work for the best interests of the investee company and our investors, not the individuals.

Xenon Private Equity is an Alternative Investment Fund Manager authorized by the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier in Luxembourg following the European Directive 2011/61.

Specific approach

We seek to co-own and co-manage companies that not only show the usual LBO or growth-capital candidate features (well established market positioning, positive and predictable cash-flows, distinctive product/process technology) but possess some of the following main characteristics:

the potential to extend their value chain or achieve scale through add-on acquisitions or manufacturing system re-engineering

the opportunity to enhance the existing human capital and possibly attract qualified resources in connection with new business needs

the desire to modify or accelerate their growth path to better comply with market trends