About us

Operationally focused co-owners, not just financial partners

The Xenon Private Equity team has a three decade long experience in teaming up with family owned companies looking for operational support to manage transition, replacement or growth projects.

We differentiate from plain financial investors because of a full commitment to act as co-owners and consider ourselves personally accountable for the steering of investee company operations.

The team comprises professionals with mainly an industrial and operational backgrounds, that accrued their previous experience as equity investor only in connection with small to medium size companies. This diversity ensures a rich mix of ideas and skills that can be applied to each potential deal opportunity or value creation project.

Xenon Private Equity currently invest its sixth fund, a Luxembourg Sicar raised in late 2014 and as its predecessors exclusively underwritten by large international institutional investors, with a capital of € 184 million

Xenon Private Equity is regulated by the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier of the Granduchy of Luxembourg.

The general partner and managing shareholder, as applicable, manage the funds in the interest of their investors and therefore in an autonomous and independent manner from the other group companies. Investments and divestments are made (and shares in portfolio companies are held) by the applicable holding company. Decisions over investments and divestments, including the exercise of the voting rights over the shares of the portfolio companies, are made by the applicable holding company board of directors in an autonomous and independent manner from the other group companies, and in adherence with the applicable corporate governance rules and by-laws. It is the responsibility of the management of each portfolio company to operate the company on a day-to-day basis.