Interaction with entrepreneurs

We have a true - not just declared - commitment to focus on operational improvements. This is at the heart of everything we do.

We study and define a "change project" together with the incumbent entrepreneur before completing a transaction. We believe change means smoothly modifying existing working habits and procedures to foster the winning evolution required to maintain or further improve the company strategic position in an increasingly demanding competitive landscape.

Our approach to implementing "change" in an already successful company can be split between organizational and structural improvements.

Organizational improvements are those necessary to better institutionalize the firm, improve efficiency and streamline costs. They are carried out immediately post acquisition.

Structural improvements are instigated from the first moments but take between two and four years to be fully implemented. These key improvements include reorganizing the manufacturing structure, opening new distribution channels, launching new products, executing planned acquisitions. They represent the fundamental turning points we identify before starting a partnership with an entrepreneur.

We help to implement these changes via a variety of different methods: In any case we try to adapt our personal agenda to investee companies life and not the other way round.